Kiddie Country

About Us

Kiddie Country I and II are private, state licensed schools designed to provide a complete, happy, and safe learning environment in harmony with the needs of the families we serve. Both facilities are based in Burke, Virginia and are winners of exceptional design awards.

Research shows that a child's environment has an enormous impact on his or her development. Be a discerning parent: explore and evaluate your options and accept nothing but the best for your child. Preview Kiddie Country's exceptional program, and you will be introduced to an inviting, innovative learning atmosphere that personifies Quality, Commitment, and Caring.

• Quality in our program, facility, and faculty.

• Commitment from our staff to the children, families, and community we serve.

• Caring by loving professionals who offer warmth, understanding, and nurturing.

Kiddie Country has an outstanding reputation for promoting a better beginning for its students by offering positive, developmentally appropriate, and stimulating experiences.